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Cutting the Cable Course


Are you sick of paying hundreds of dollars a month for cable or satellite TV? As more and more people move to web-based information, news, entertainment and shopping maybe its time to also make a similar move with our TV’s. Canadians pay some of the highest cable/tv (and Cellphone and Internet) rates in the world due to lack of competition. Access to the Internet and streaming services opens up the market. As a result, prices drop.

To understand streaming our TV we must disregard the way TV works now. In the past (and today) TV stations broadcast tv shows on their schedule. We huddle around the TV to watch “when it’s on”. With streaming “it’s on” always, we choose when to watch it, on our schedule.
A recent push to PVRs to store our shows so we can watch them when we want is a great idea but is quickly becoming obsolete. With streaming, all of our shows are made available and accessed when we want to watch them at our demand. With streaming, PVR’s become obsolete, much like broadcast TV itself.
The only things that have an inherent need to be “live” or broadcast in real-time are sports and news. All other shows do not need to be live/broadcast or on a schedule at all. This is a fundamental shift.

For more information or for assistance in moving to stream TV visit and sign up for a seminar at the Nipigon Legion Tech Thursday, November 12, Additional dates will be held on a regular basis. Sign up at, limited spaces available.

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Getting to know

Your Computer

The course covers all basic aspects of day to day uses of your computer. By the end of this course, you should be able to use Email, Facebook, transferring pictures and files as well as basic Windows 10 features. You will also understand some of the necessary security measures needed for your computer.

Cost: $49

Getting to know

Smartphones and Tablets

The course covers all basic aspects of day to day uses of your mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. By the end of this course, you should be able to navigate your device, find, download and uninstall apps, change some basic settings and connect with a computer. You will also understand some of the necessary security measures needed for your devices.

Cost: $49

Basics of

Computer Safety

The course covers all the essential aspects of staying safe on your computer. Identifying potential threats and making sure your system stays clean. Identify and overcome phishing scams through email, phone and on your computer/web browsing. Download and remove malware for free with confidence. The number one way to remain safe on your computer is with knowledge.

Cost: $49


Navigating the Internet

The Internet is the primary destination for nearly everyone with a computer or mobile device today. Will discuss the basics of setting up your home internet as well as connecting when you aren’t at home. Will critique and explain which ISP is a better choice for this area and why. Will cover web browsing/searching, Facebook, Email, Cloud Computing and security.


how to

Cut the Cable

Getting the most from your smart TV and cutting the cable!
Learn what you need and how to stream your television shows, sporting events and news via the Internet to your TV screen. Maybe even save a few hundred dollars in cable or satellite TV bills. This course will guide you through the official streaming services as well as discuss the grey area streaming services in Canada. By switching to streaming services directly through your computer or smart TV, you can potentially save thousands of dollars a year in overpriced cable services.



Microsoft Word

Coming Soon!



Microsoft Excel

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Articles and Resources

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Cutting the cable

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