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In todays high speed internet world, the vast majority of shows and TV stations offer most of their shows through online streaming. In Canada all the major networks carry streams of the most popular shows and some even offer live TV streams. It may be time to rethink those expensive Cable and Satellite TV bills.

The resources on this page are part of a course where you learn the ins and outs of using your smartTV or android box to stream your TV shows and entertainment with the potential to eventually cut your cable or satellite TV cord and saving yourself a nice chunk of money – and still be perfectly legal.

I also do in home smart TV setups as well android TV box setup and programming to keep you up to date with the current streaming services.

Q: Is Streaming Legal?

A: Yes, the official channel / TV station apps are put out directly from the originator of the TV show. If there are fees, they go directly to the stations offering the show.  Many of the shows are offered online for FREE, usually a day or two after airing. IN other cases you can purchase access to live TV streams like CBC Live which gives you full access to all CBC shows and CBC News world live for only $4.99 a month.

“Grey” Market streaming services are not illegal as it is only illegal to download copyright material, since streaming is not downloading, technically legal although some argue.

Q: How can I get TV without a TV subscription?

A: Like you used to be able to get TV signals over large Antennas, today the antennas are replaced with the Internet. Your TV shows are available online and the SmartTV/Android Box just lets you watch it with ease.

Q: How do I know what to get or buy?

A: This course will go over options, making a list of your shows and whats available for you specifically. Like choosing your TV shows, without the huge markup from Cable Companies.

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Cutting the Cable / Satellite cord

And save some money

Do you have High speed internet AND a TV cable or Satellite service?

In todays high speed internet world, the vast majority of shows and TV stations offer most of their shows through online streaming. In Canada all the major networks carry streams of the most popular shows and some even offer live TV streams.

There are multiple paid options that expand your potential TV watching well beyond anything regular TV can provide and at a fraction of the cost.

Do you have a SmartTV? 

Most SmartTV’s run on software that has built in streaming support in the form of apps – the same as apps on your phone.

Dont have a SmartTV?

Not a problem, with a simple android TV box, or even products like Amazon Firestick, Roku and Apple TV you can have smart TV Capabilities.

The Internet and You

Streaming will require an internet connection – either wireless or network cable (on some devices).

The first thing to understand is that for all this to work, you need a good internet connection, the higher speed the better and the more bandwidth the better.

Bandwidth is the physical amount of TV shows and “stuff” you can stream/download without incurring an overage expense. If you do not stream much, its not a worry, if you stream lots you will want to seek out an unlimited data plan.

Internet speed is how fast the stream/download will come to your TV. To slow and it will be choppy, not play smoothly, maybe be reduced in quality or lose the stream all together. High speed internet of at least 5mb/s is essential for any streaming, the faster the speed the better.

Where I am at Shaw Cable and Bell Internet Operate. Shaw has the faster speeds, both can stream and both have unlimited plans (or “unlimitish”).

So your TV is a computer, yes you can hook up a mouse and keyboard, which will add a great deal of functionality to your smart TV or TV Box.

Android Box

An android TV box is a small computer (box) that connects to your TV via the HDMI cable. They have software called Apps that expand the functionality of the TV well beyond just a TV, turning it into a simplified computer. There are Brand name “TV Boxes” like apple TV, Roku, Amazon Firestick, as well as various off brand ones that are basically little black boxes with varying names pre-loaded for streaming.

Smart TV

A Smart TV has a built in computer component that basically means your TV is now a simplified computer.

Programming choices

In Canada, due to lack of competition as well as……..(No Comment) from the cable and satellite companies, Most TV Channels REQUIRE you to have a TV Package from one of the cable companies.

This little caveat goes against the whole streaming TV service model, however in my opinion things will change here, just slower.  In reality how many shows do you watch live nowadays? It is still possible to stream a lot of shows within 24 hours of initial broadcast, or as you want to watch them.

Below are some of the channels available here in Canada. This is not an full list. These networks provide some of the better choices for streaming shows.

Some of the FREE TV Stations Available

Some of the Paid TV Subscription Services

  Cost What you Get
CBC Live $4.99/month LIVE CBC Shows, LIVE CBC Newsworld.
Netflix $11.99/month Hundreds of Movies and TV shows, original programming.
CraveTV $9.99/month Hundreds of TV shows, lots of older series as well.
TSN $24.99/month All five TSN Channels
Sportsnet Now $24.99/month NHL Content, some MLB
NHL LIve $200/season Access pretty much every hockey game (1000+ games)

Equipment choices

If you have a Smart TV already it probably just needs to be setup although some smart TV’s are very limited in what they can do and a TV box can be used instead of the smart TV where features are lacking.

Equipment like keyboards, mice and the air mouse all use Bluetooth to connect to the Smart Tv or TV Box which is relatively easy and can greatly enhance your experience.

I do carry some of the equipment onsite however the links provided are directly from where there are many many more choices.

TV Box (2GB)

This android box is a lower grade at only 2GB of internal RAM. As streaming becomes more common place more internal RAM is a good thing, you will pay more. See the 4GB listed beside this one.

TV Box (4GB)

This android box is currently a top of the line at 4GB internal RAM.

Keyboard/Trackpad Combo

Provides a remote keyboard as well as a track pad which interfaces on the TV as a mouse.

Air Mouse

Provides a mouse type cursor that moves where you point the remote, flip it over and its a keyboard with actual keys.

This is what I use

Off Air Antenna
Indoor antenna that receives off air TV stations. Usually only works in cities or nearby.

Where to start with cutting that cable?

The very first thing you do is make a list of the TV shows that you watch on a regular basis. Answer the following questions.

Do I have any off air antenna feeds? If you are luck enough to live in a city of some size (Thunderbay, Sault Ste. Marie, Sudbury, etc.) you have an option of using an off air antenna to pick up local TV stations. These antennas are small square mats that stick to a wall or window or outside that bring the HD off air TV signals from local broadcasters like CBC, CTV, GlobalTV.  They cost between $20 and $100 one time fee and can usually be setup in minutes.

What live TV shows do you watch regularly? Regularly sit in front of TV at initial broadcast.

What TV shows you watch occasionally? Occasionally is if you watch it on DVR, maybe the following week, or when you see it on re-run.

Do you watch sports? Sports feeds are tricky as they tend to be live, there are some paid options though.

Do you watch news? Like sports feeds the news is live, and local news is usually sparse however it is possible to find. Live news like CBC Newsworld is available via stream for $4.99/month (along with their TV show library).

Now you know your viewing habits.

From here its a matter of looking to see if the streams of your shows are available using the links further up the page and using google searches (I do this as part of my cutting the cable service).

Live broadcasts of sports and news will need a paid option listed further up on the page. Keep in mind in most cases the paid live streams go directly to the network/channel, not marked up from cable companies.

If there are any shows or programming that are not available to you, decide if it is worth paying the full price for a cable package. Usually there are a couple shows you cannot find free streamed, a simple cost/benefit analysis will tell you if its worth spending the money for a full cable package.

We pay around $65 (average) per month on our cable TV/Satellite TV packages, we also pay a similar amount in high speed internet. If you can stream most or all of your TV shows and with the paid live options have access to everything you really need is it worth paying an extra $65 for cable when you can access it all using just your internet.

For Example:
I have found nearly all my shows on FREE live stream, those I cannot are not worth me paying $80 per month for Expressvu. I like my news and Netflix so paying for Netflix at $11.99 per month and CBC at $4.99 gives me a monthly fee of  $17 per month.

If I watched sports I could grab a TSN streaming package (owned by BELL Media) for $24.99/month. This would give me a full package for around $40 dollars a month plus with Netflix in there I have a huge number of movies, specialty TV shows and more original series than you can get on a standard cable package.

Where to from here?

If you want to cut that cable then its a matter of finding the streams directly on your smart TV and/or getting a TV box programmed with what you want. I provide both of these services.

Once you have live streaming TV setup, use it, learn some of the caveats and tricks to it, see if you like it BEFORE you cut the cable. Some people don’t want the little extra work involved in live streaming and that’s fine.

Give yourself a month of live stream and see if you can live without cable. One of the things I noticed was a reduction in sitting in front of the TV as my TV shows stream on anything – TV, Smartphone, Computer, Tablet, Etc…

Watch your data usage during your month of streaming – if it goes above your allotted amount simply call your provider and ask for an upgrade and usually they will make it retroactive to cover any overages.

The number of shows and broadcasts available via streaming will only grow in the future to a point in the not so distant future where everything will be streamed via the internet, even here in Canada.


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